Tell me this is not odd.

I saw EBB today. I got a little nervous and a little scared. He seems to have this effect on me these days, and I try my best not to get myself into compromising situations whenever he is around.

My flirting claws are filed very nicely these days, and I tame that part of me very well.

Off-peak season, I declare.

So, he tried to get me to the stairways again today as I was leaving(I was leaving and he followed me to the exit), which I gave him a child-like shake of the head, and a slight frown, to decline his offer. I had guessed the motives behind.

I lightened the moment by mouthing, ‘No, don’t want! You are up to no good.’
In fact, I dialled for SBB just so he would be on the phone with me, and that was when EBB had tried to gesture me to the back, where the stairways are.

I got off the phone when the lift opened up, and there was someone in there.

And I thought I was safe.

As the passenger emerged from the lift, the very fast one shut the door and pressed for the top floor.

Very smart.

I was busy on the phone, SMSing JD, when he slammed my phone shut.

And of course, he cornered me again. This time, I had pushed his hands away.

And this time, I really don’t like what he was doing to me. I remember my hands were really, really cold.

And I wished I had verbalised it out, instead of just walking out of the lift feeling totally awkward, yet trying my best to act normal.

I used to think of him as a really nice and sincere friend… but I am not so sure anymore. The credits of his niceness to me seem to be weaning out real fast with the recent happenings.

The moment I got out of the lift, I called JD, who was in a meeting.

I dialled for FF, since the 3 of us were supposed to meet up.

I chatted with EBB for a while since we were out in the open, and he tried to get me to stay.

I didn’t. I didn’t want to.

I smiled and said bye.

He went off, and I said by the side, making some business calls and return some others.

I was on the phone with SBB barely a couple of minutes after EBB left, and I told him what happened.

I had my sight on the floor.

When I lifted my head up the next moment, I saw the backview of.. ahem, CBB, with SBB still on the phone.


He must have just left the building.


Uhm…. Hmm…


Oh, it is the birthday of this really nice(oh, cookie points for being cute too!) bloke my friends tried to pair me up with recently.

I sent him a message a quarter after midnight, and his reply gotten a girlish giggle out of me, despite it being really simple, and… nothing.

It must be something to do with the ‘Hey sweetie…’

I am a sucker for the word sweetie.

And till date. Only the Ex and SBB exclusively used that.



Something really odd is happening.

Today, a very, very innocent, decent and nice male colleague, suddenly said what I heard to be, ‘Sheesh, I think I am talking too much to you. I am getting horny.’


He was saying in such a matter-of-factly, confused manner, that I looked at him incredulously, frozen by shock for a moment.

I was like, ‘HUH? What?! Why you say that?’

If you think we are talking about indecent stuff prior to that, you are darn wrong. It was something to do with food, and we had just emerged out from the mall.

I thought to myself, then I started laughing like a madwoman, with my laughter echoing through the entire atrium.

“You mean you are getting corny huh? Sorry I heard wrongly!!!” I thought it was an honest mistake on my part, because I had been telling too much lame jokes in the office these days.

Then in all seriousness, he said, ‘Err… actually, yah, I did say horny.’

………………… *Speechless*

‘WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?! You wanna die ah? WHAT HAVE I DONE? Have I ever said anything to give you wrong idea? I DON’T EVEN SAY SUGGESTIVE JOKES IN FRONT OF YOU! I don’t even flirt with you!!! Why you say that? Teeeeeellllll meeeeee!!!’

The meek, and decent goodboy refused to give me the reason, but he did agree that I have never given him wrong idea nor did I even say anything suggestive nor flirt with him before.

So what the hell went wrong here??

And with him around, I have always been the crazy madwoman saying lame jokes(G ones somemore!), swearing like a man, totally without grace nor poise.. so what’s wrong man?

What really appalled me is the fact that… just a week back, another male colleague, had told me the exact same thing.

He was walking beside me in the mall when we were just casually talking about cars, and he suddenly told me he is horny. As in, he is horny that very moment.

Not in the suggestive manner, but in the matter-of-factly manner.

I so don’t understand men anymore.

Having said that, I am ending this off, since SBB is on his way and had just called to ask me what drinks I want. He is buying me instant noodles/cereals/bread/eggs so I wouldn’t starve myself.

Aww,, when has he became soooo sweet?

He would probably peek at this entry to feed his insatiable curiosity of things that don’t concern him.

Like I said, I so don’t understand men anymore.

(Sidenote: See! I so knew he will snoop my blog the moment he reaches. First thing he said? So why didn't you stay on the phone with me? In the lift, darling. 2nd thing? I didn't want you to starve yourself. Why? So Minibean wouldn't be your responsibility huh?)